Friday, June 23, 2023

A Two-Liner & a Comic

Winnie and Claude (Tail is Monet)
Photo by Amy LV

Students - I believe this to be the shortest verse I have ever shared here at The Poem Farm! I did indeed work to write it longer, but each time I added more lines, the poem simply rejected them. So here it is...a small giggle that grew from a photo I took earlier this week.

Did you notice that the title of today's two-liner makes it a metaphor? See, a bookshelf is not really an, just for this poem, it has become one. Sometimes a title can add a lot, even to a teeny, two line verse.

This summer you might wish to make a point to take photographs as you are moved by the world. These pictures - whether you look at them again or not - can inspire your future (serious or silly) thinking and writing.

Speaking of inspiration, it is a joy to welcome an artistic guest today! 

On the first Poetry Friday of this month, I shared a poem titled "Possibility" along with some poems written by Fourth Grade Teacher Cheryl Donnelly's students from Tioughnioga Riverside Academy. Not long after, I received the most generous and specific thank you notes from this class. Poet and Comic Izzy included a comic that she drew from my words in "Possibility." 

Possibility Comic
Click to Enlarge
by Izzy

I asked Izzy if she would be willing to share how to make such a poem comic as hers made me smile completely and also made me curious about how to create such a thing. Here are her words:

I got this idea because ever since I was a kid I fell in love with drawing and making comics. Just about a year ago, last Christmas, my grandparents got me a comic making set which included a short comic for an example. As I was reading it, I fell in love with the simple designs and pictures (Not all comics are like that) so I tried making my own.  I enjoyed every minute of it. The simpleness of it, and how fun it was to draw. Almost a year later I decided to take that memory and make a comic inspired by a poem.

That was the first time that I ever made a comic inspired by a poem, but I will definitely have to do that with more of her (Amy’s) amazing poems.

Some tips I have are: 

Make sure you are interested in the poem you choose, if you don’t like it then you will find no interest in making a comic inspired by it.

Use your imagination. If you make something boring or not exciting then you and other people will not bother to read your comic.

Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s good to push yourself a little, but not a lot. If it’s not perfect, then don’t stress, it’s ok if it’s not, nothing is perfect.

And most important…HAVE FUN!!!! 

Thank you,


Tons of gratitude to Izzy for her willingness to share not only her comic, but also her process. I am going to take her advice this summer and will be sharing here. Learning from others makes life magical.

Linda is hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup today with such a fun idea - a "clunker exchange" - over at A Word Edgewise. This would be such a neat thing to try in a classroom, and I recommend checking it out. Each Friday, all are invited to share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship in this open and welcoming poetry community.



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  1. A message from Izzy: Dear Amy, thank you so much for featuring my work on
    The Poem Farm!

  2. Kittens seem to be in this world to make us smile, all the time! Love this, Amy, & enjoyed reading about Izzy and her comic love.