Friday, June 30, 2023

Give Some Free a Poem

Students - Today I enjoyed writing another poem about the moon. Irene, as you will see below, is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup and invited us all to write moon poems. Writing is funny - sometimes I love choosing my own subject, and sometimes I love being assigned a topic to write about. If you're ever not sure what to write, try asking someone to give you an assignment. You can even give yourself an assignment by filling a jar or bowl with little slips of paper, each with a different writng topic. When uncertain, choose a slip!

Sometimes I do lay awake at night, thinking all kinds of thoughts. Today's poem is a reminder to me - and to all - that Old Moon will always listen. How lovely to imagine our thoughts as future moonlight. This is also an advice poem, offering advice for what to do when one cannot sleep. Might you offer advice for something you have experienced or even simply imagined?

One last thing to think about: as you write, read your poem aloud. Often, to write a new line, I read aloud what I have written so far. Then...the next line almost writes itself.

Irene is hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup today at Live Your Poem with a moon celebration to welcome her forthcoming book THE MUSEUM ON THE MOON: THE CURIOUS OBJECTS ON THE LUNAR SURFACE. Each Friday, all are invited to share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship in this open and welcoming poetry community.

May your wishes all turn to moonlight on this eve of a new July.



ps - Did you notice that today's poem is all one sentence. Go back and look. It is!

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  1. Oy. I needed this advice last night/early-early this morning when sleep could not would not find me. Now I'm wondering what advice I have to a poem...

  2. All one sentence. When searching my blog for moon poems, I found a prompt for writing one long sentence for a poem about the moon. Do we just cycle around like the moon in our poetry writing? I am attempting to steal a line here for a golden shovel. No promises yet, though.

    1. Did it:

  3. Oh, wishes becoming moonlight is such a comforting thought. xox

  4. Your wishes will become moonlight is a sweet thought. I like the title, too. And all one sentence. What a challenge!

  5. I love this long sentence, Amy! Wishes ARE moonlight, aren't they? Thank you. xo

  6. "violet velvet air"--so gorgeous! Great advice for reading your work out loud to help you write the next line.

  7. I love the idea you've given us of wishes becoming moonlight, Amy. A one sentence gift is very cool, too! Enjoy the full moon this weekend!

  8. Our wishes becoming moonlight is such a lovely thought, Amy. Thank you.

  9. Amy, advice and a beautiful ending made my long-awaited response to your post a lovely start to my day. I hope you enjoyed the 4th as much as I did.

  10. One sentence! You're a master of the craft for sure. I'd like to think the next full moon will be waiting for me and my wishes :)

  11. Nice to have "old Moon" up there waiting, and I 💜 your "violet velvet air," thanks for all Amy and the moonlight wishes too!