Friday, July 7, 2023

Make Small Observations

A Few Things
Photo by Amy LV

Students - This short poem lists four facts, the fourth of which wraps up the previous three. And while you may think that I wrote the poem after looking at my table, the truth is that I made the tea and placed these objects together only after the writing. Art is funny how it moves in cirlces and spirals and swirls, never in only one way. 

And how true it is that the humblest of things are often the most nourishing. Yesterday I listened to the podcast WE CAN DO HARD THINGS, and Guest Morgan Harper Nichols talked about collecting sticks outside. Host Glennon Doyle recounted picking up purple rocks and giving them to her daughter. And listening to both, I was reminded of times I have picked up sticks and rocks, times that different members of our family have done so. When my parents divorced years ago, I took a long walk in the woods, gathering smooth sticks that had lost their bark. I placed them into a vase and was comforted by their haunting beauty.

You might wish join me in listing a few facts about simple objects that bring quiet cheer. Perhaps a poem will grow from your observations too. One never knows, so it helps to try opening all kinds of poem locks with all kinds of imagination keys.

Marcie is hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup today at Marcie Flinchum Atkins with a small celebration of chicory along with her plans for this August's Sealey Challenge. (I have never taken this challenge on before and am now inspired to do so.) Each Friday, all are invited to share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship in this open and welcoming poetry community.



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  1. Yes, it is the little things that fill us up! This is lovely, Amy!

  2. These simple things, and our deliberate gratitude towards them, are essential for spiritual sanity--not to mention being great fodder for beginning poets especially.

  3. I like the reminder that art follows its own path - never in one way.

  4. Amy, the ending line of your poem is is an inspirational keeper. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Here's to the small things: slow and steady, tiny stitches march in rows across the quilt.

  6. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate the small things that are in front of us. I have a smooth dollop of blue glass that sits on my desk and makes me smile!

  7. Love the simple things! Thank you for this reminder.

  8. Lovely. And such a lovely reminder that art is organic and grows unpredictably. ❤️

  9. Creativity, to me, is always the simple connecting to the simple, forming a whole. Somehow. Magically. Somehow. You did it with your Four Observations! Love this. Very soothing!