Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yucky Leftovers? You Need Poem #357

Our Fridge Right Now
Photo by Amy LV

Students - the scene in this poem has never ever happened to our family before.  I got the idea from reading a book about people with mystery leftovers in their fridge.  Hee hee!  Just kidding. This has definitely happened to us before.  We have found old riddle-leftovers and wondered what they once were.  Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but it is the truth.

Mark your calendars.  To eliminate "Fridgeophobia," November 20 has been designated as "Whirlpool Clean Out Your Fridge Day."  Read some refrigerator cleaning tips here.  The Rubbermaid website advises, "'s best to just toss anything that you can't identify."  So if you don't know what it is, don't eat it.  Good life advice for all of us.

Sometimes we can find writing topics in those things we are not so proud of, things we're not very good at, things like losing track of little plastic food containers living in the refrigerator.  What bugs you about you?  What makes you say, "Yuck!"  Writing ideas grow in the compost of our lives.

You might have noticed that there is a bit of back and forth movement in this poem.  That's because I wanted it to feel like someone was rummaging around in the fridge.
As for the refrigerator photo above, I actually do know what is in all of those containers.  We have done a lot of cooking this week!

Honesty in writing is important.  Remember that.

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  1. "So if you don't know what it is, don't eat it. Good life advice for all of us."

    This is my official excuse now for not eating sushi.

  2. Hey friend! This poem makes me laugh because my post college roommate and I used to joke about this all the time. I have to say that with a hubby and an 11 year old son, the idea of leftovers is kind of a joke.

    Look for an email from me soon! YOU are my April author of the month!

    Hope that you are well....


  3. Awesome! My next poetry lesson is how poets look at ordinary things in unusual ways - Manure Day was on my list as a model - and now leftovers!!