Friday, February 8, 2013

I Like To Make a Snowman

Today's Weather Report for Holland, NY

Students - Today's poem is a rather simple one.  It is in a way a story poem and in a way a how-to list poem, telling all about how I like to make a snowman.  We are due to get some snow where I live, and maybe our family will make a snowman this weekend.  When my children were little, we always used to make huge snow BUNNIES!  And the cocoa?  Well, that is just very important.

Sometimes to find a poem idea, I look no farther than outside my the weather! It is always changing and always beautiful.  Here are a few old snow poems from The Poem Farm archives for your to enjoy.  You'll see that they're all quite different from each other, even though they are all about snow.

Snow Day (a different one!)

I have started a new page for FOREST HAS A SONG where I will keep track of all reviews and information about the book as it comes in.  If you would ever like to see what's happening, just click above on the tab, or click here to check out the latest.

Tara is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup with a beautiful Ralph Waldo Emerson poem about snow.  Visit her blog at A Teaching Life to see what poems are blowing 'round the Kidlitosphere today!

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  1. I envy people with enough snow to make a nice fat snowman!

    You have written a blizzard of snow poems, Amy! My favorite verse of today's poem is the second one -- I love picturing that!

  2. Perfect. That's exactly how it happens and said so simply and beautifully.

  3. "I feed him snow." :0)

    Thanks for sharing, Amy! My guys made a Snow Buddha one year (reminding me of Katya today with her Billy Collins/Buddha snow poem).

    What a lovely snow-bound assortment here. And HUGE congratulations on the flurry of fantastic reviews for FOREST HAS A SONG. Will order this week through my local bookseller - just seems more appropriate than my usual trigger finger at Amazon. So excited for you, and for the young readers who will get to experience it!

  4. Like Robyn, I love the 'feed him snow' line! Nice poem - tight, well-constructed, and fun!

  5. Amy,
    I love your snowman. I'm surprised with his rocky grin that he didn't ask to share your cocoa.
    Have fun, enjoy your snow.

  6. Such a sweet poem, Amy. I love your snowman, especially his rocky grin :).

  7. I love the rhythm in the lines: I poke him/pat him/watch him grow. Nicely done!

    And congrats on Forest Has a Song!

  8. You've captured the essence of the snowman beautifully. Looks like you have the perfect conditions to construct one this weekend. Cheers to your cocoa! =)

  9. Love your poem, Amy. "Whisper white and fat" caught my attention. When it's snowing, it feels like the sky is whispering, I think, and the whisper gets all rolled into the snowman! Congratulations of Forest Has a Song.

  10. How precious! I love your snowman poem. I can just picture him. "Whisper-white"...awesome descriptor.!

  11. Love it, Amy! Congratulations on Forest Has a Song. I can't wait to read it!

  12. Can't wait to get my hands on FOREST!!

    Have fun in the snow!

  13. I love "hug a mug" - I guess I am only into winter when it involves chocolate!

    - Cathy