Sunday, April 27, 2014

Snowman Slippers - Poem #27 for April 2014 Poetry Project

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Snowman Slippers
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Today's poem is showing up late in the day, the latest post time so far this month.  It has been a good and busy weekend full of visitors and sporting events, and so at last I sit and think and write and revise and record.

I have been saving this snowman slippers picture for a couple of weeks now. They are so cute, and although I've written about footwear two other times this month with Orange Boots on April 6 and Dancing Shoes on April 10, I could not let these snowman slippers slip by.

One thing you might notice in today's verse is that there is just one rhyme sound throughout the whole poem: toes/grows/knows/clothes/slows/snows.  I very much enjoyed writing this and wrote it quite quickly, in about twenty minutes.  I like it too.  This is a poem that I consider a present-to-me.  I sat there, and someone else wrote it through me.  Sometimes, as I've said before, we are given such little writing presents from the writing great beyond.  We get them, I think, because we have worked very hard on other days.

Snowman Slippers - Draft Page Spread #1
Photo by Amy LV

As I worked on today's poem, another poem came to mind, one that also uses the -ose rhyme.  If you'd like to have a good giggle and lots of fun watching a tongue twister dance movie clip, peek at Moses Supposes His Toeses are Roses from SINGIN' IN THE RAIN with Gene Kelly and Dennis O'Connor.

Yesterday's post about a stringless violin offers my last giveaway for April 2014.  Please simply leave a comment there if you are interested in being entered into a drawing for one of two books.

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  1. Love the word toddler repeated. If you've ever known a toddler, this poem fits perfectly. Every toddler mother eventually finds a wonderful adult inside.

  2. Not only is the poem wonderful, Amy, the picture is too. Those smiles! I love "Moses supposes" & use it in poetry lessons occasionally. This has been such a treasure of a month hearing all about your thrift treasures!

  3. How fun the rhyme is in this poem. I know it isn't supposed to be sad how quickly the toddler outgrows the slippers, but somehow it is.


  4. Oh, Amy! I love this poem! I put a pair of too small slippers up on a special shelf just the other day to pass along to another toddler one day. :-) Christine

  5. Amy,
    This is so fun to hear. By the way, teeny tiny slipped in on the first line instead of teeny weeny when you read it. I think it wants to be heard.

  6. I cannot wait to share this with kids. I love how it flows and also the gift you got because it just "wrote itself". I am sure your workerbee poetry brain was up there doing its incredible thing!!! So LOVE what you have done this month to echo the others. I am sorry to see this end. Maybe you can create a Thrift Store Thursday poem a month or something!!!
    Janet F.